Euno Platform

Decentralised - White Label - Integrates - GDPR Compliant

An AI enabled platform for the digital traveller

Distributed Ledger Technology underpins and drives many of the core product features central to the platform solution and feasibility.

Euno's decentralisation is complementary to creating a marketplace that brings airlines, consumers and vendors together in a single, dynamic and relevant platform. 

The content gathered is targeted to consumers preferences and can be transacted Peer to Peer using smart contracts for immediate settlement.

Rewards offer maximum utility within the digital marketplace, incentivising activity and giving consumers full control over their needs and experiences.  

E3 Tech Stack


Permissioned network - verified users, data protection and governance


Modular architecture - optimised scalability and performance, flexible implementation


Enterprise friendly - adopted by leading enterprises including Microsoft, Amazon, SAP, IBM, Oracle and Alibaba

For Airlines | Suppliers | vendors

The Market Place

New Revenues

Euno generates new non-core ancillary revenues and curated offers to your Consumers.

If you are a travel and lifestyle carrier, airport or vendor looking for new revenues Euno's real-time data delivers deeper consumer insights to offer an enhanced consumer experience.

Euno delivers a real-time capability to provide the ultimate rewards tool to meet your consumers insights and needs.

Cost Saving

operational efficiencies

The Euno Platform allows airline, vendors and suppliers to connect directly with consumers Peer-to-Peer to bypass costly intermediaries and minimise operational costs.

  • No 3rd party commission
  • No back office reconciliation
  • GDPR compliance and Self Sovereign Identity meets consumer privacy needs. 

For consumers 

Earn on entire trip

  • Marketplace is moulded by consumer activity
  • Can earn and spend while travelling
  • Rewarded for their information and data
  • Collect bonus Rewards with any vendor in the marketplace
  • Earn on trip extras and enhancements
  • Rewards are added the moment any portion of the trip is completed.

Sharing your DATA has VALUE

  • Information and data is rewarded.
  • Shared data delivers a more personal experience.
  • Selecting vendors of choice delivers relevant offers tailored to individual needs.
  • Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) protects  privacy.

INSTANT assistance during disruptions

  • When disruptions occur our Euno platform ensures that travel partners are there to help.
  • Be compensated with Rewards that can be used to make disruptions easier.

Spend Rewards without CONSTRAINT

  • Easy to EARN and BURN Rewards.
  • Places the consumer in control and can be integrated with loyalty and rewards programs.
  • No limits - spend Rewards with any vendor in the Euno marketplace.
  • Choice of vendor payment options - rewards, split payments or fiat.
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