Our Solution

E3: A rewards marketplace, reimagined to keep pace with new technologies, deliver commercial advantage and align with modern consumer expectations.

Product Summary

E3 brings all stakeholders - primary vendor, ancillary partners, other suppliers and consumers - together under one platform to create a dynamic and responsive marketplace that can respond to customer needs in real time, providing opportunities for commerce to thrive.

Multiple consumer touch points, combined with large volumes of real-time data, can provide granular insights that lead to greater sophistication around targeting and delivering consumers content that is relevant, in the right place at the right time.

The accumulation of data over time regarding an individual’s preferences and behaviour, as well as their contextual environment, is a game-changer when combined to curate the customer experience to be unique and deliver value.

Rewards act as a currency and tangible benefit to acknowledge contributions to the community and drive behavioural outcomes in the form of discretionary spend. A by-product of this is greater engagement, loyalty and customer retention.

Technology & Design

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) drives many of the core product features central to the platform solution and feasibility.

Tech & Design

Consumer View

Consumer View
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